Christmas 2006

Look at all of those presents
Who is going to get them?
I hope you were all good this year
The gift stacking team
Another shot of the gift team
Aarati opening a present
Ahpah with a stack of gifts
Another Amanda
One more of Amanda
Mort gets the best present ever
Any idea what its going to be?
Its a coat!
Yes a coat you can wear outside to keep warm
Dad ready for more presents
All the kids
Michele gets a turn too
Mom opening presents
More of Mom
One more of Mom
Steve with the presents
Nick likes Christmas
The Mort's house
The animals
Another shot
One more of the animals
The bears on the bed
The nativity scene
Our wedding photos!
Shots of our new house lot
A bunch of open land
Ahpah looking at over the lots
The sign on the edge of the lot
In front of the diggers
Uncle Cool CEO on my desk