Welcome to Aarati and Paul's Christmas Hut!
Christmas, 2001

Paul and I decorated the house for Christmas. Here are some pictures. Click on any of these to get the full (big) view.

The kangaroo and dunkey welcome you to our home for a wonderful Christmas tour!

Here's the entrance.

The fire place.

A closeup of the nativity scene.

The Christmas counter.

Various views of our Christmas dining table.

A closeup of a place setting.

Welcome to the Christmas bathroom!

Isn't the soap container cute?

We even have matching towels!

Finally our Christmas tree, with the pretty tree skirt.

Another view of our tree with Eeyore. What's that white creature climbing around in the tree?

Watch out for the prowling bear in the tree! He's looking for fish!

The cute little bear who thinks he's a moose is hiding out under the tree. He wishes you a Merry Christmas!

Let the celebrations begin! Paul, Millie, and Rob, drinking margaritas and eating colorful snacks. How festive!

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