The Reception, Proper

The Parmar Table
The Martino Table
Paul and Steve lead Gram out for her 90th birthday dance
Paul and Gram dance to "Fascination"
Gram and Steve
The Mort cuts in
Mort gives Gram a twirl
All three Martino men escort Gram off the floor
So, is the food any good here?
Father daughter dance to "Somewhere my Love"
Dad gives Aarati a twirl
Another twirl
A hug
Paul and his Mom boogie down to "Baby Love"
What cool cats
Paul twirls his mom around
Barbara kisses her Babylove
Herman, Aarati, and Mom look on
Yum, cake!
Cake cutting time!
Paul and Aarati cut their cake
Paul feeds Aarati
Aarati feeds Paul
There's some frosting on your lip -- I'll get it
Aarati tosses the bouquet!
Leah gets engaged the day after this picture was taken
The Viennese Table!
Look at all the yummy desserts.
Sally tries to steal the whole tray
Steve, Tommy and Lauren enjoy the desserts!
Ravi, Sal and Umaima ponder thermonuclear physics
Aarati chats with Courtney, Claw and Duncan
Paul drops by
Dad says a few words
Abhis gets some kudos
Mom and Dad celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary...
By dancing!
Dad twirls Mom around
Another turn
Barbara and her girlfriends
A family portrait of the Martinos
Yes we are really married, here are the rings to prove it.
The happy couple
We hope you had a nice time
A final kiss
We're zonked out