The Reception: The Essential Preliminaries

Dr. and Mrs. Dinesh Parmar make their entrance
Followed by Mr. and Mrs. John Martino
Dave and Monisha
Noel and Suma
Morgan and Madhur
Todd and Propa
Todd and Propa made a stunning entrance
Abhis and Michele
The matron of honor
Anjali poses
That handsome best man Steve
Introducing, for the first time, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Martino!
Paul waves to his friends.
Paul and Aarati begin their first dance
This is fun!
Paul twirls Aarati around
Now, for a promenade
And a dip! (Look at those beautiful curls)
The end of the dance
Mort welcomes everyone to the wedding
A split screen
Steve roasts the new couple
Another split screen
Paul and Aarati enjoy Steve's hilarious speech
Steve raises a toast
Steve welcomes Aarati to the Martino family
The three clink glasses
The Parmars wish Aarati and Paul well
As do the Martinos
More toasts
And a kiss
Father Francis blesses the new couple