Dancing Till Dawn

Anju and Dad
The Colonellos
Barbara and Pat boogie down!
Mom, Dad, and Queen Bee tear it up!
Mom and Anne
Todd and Heidi
Aarati and Paul
Mort and Queen Bee
Look at her twirl around!
Aarati and Queen Bee
Laura and Aarati spin around
Pat and Mort are so cute
Mom and Dave
Suma and Zully
Propa and Nick
Sudha Foi and Dad
Hemanth and Anjali
Dad and Dolly
Happy People
Pat and Craig
Mom and Dad
Mom and Kathy
Anju and Hemanth
Sonny, Laetitia, Suma, and Zully
Aarati and her gang
Sudha and Dad again
Aarati and Paul
More happy people
Aarati consults with her girls
Deepa and Anne rock on
Barbara, Paul, Gram, and Mom