Formal Wedding Pictures

Bridal portrait
Aarati looks at her beautiful bouquet
Look at that ridiculous ring
Aarati and Anjali
Two pretty girls looking at each other
Aarati and Madhur (best friend from Gadsden)
Aarati and Michele (Paul's sister in law)
Aarati and Suma (MIT c/o 97 best friend)
Aarati and Propa (MIT c/o 98 best friend)
Aarati and Monisha (MIT c/o 99 best friend)
Aarati gets a kiss from her niece Meghan
Aarati and that cutie Madeline
Aarati and Madeline share a look
Aarati gets a kiss from her niece Madeline
Aarati's Parents
Who is that handsome man?
Mr. Pah
Steve and Paul
Steve and Paul ponder the mysteries of the Mort
Dave and Paul
Morgan and Paul
Todd and Paul
Noel and Paul
Abhis and Paul
Paul's parents
Queen Bee and Big Mort