The Ceremony

There's the carriage and our horse, Turk!
Dad, Aarati, Madeline, and Meghan arrive at the church
The bride arrives
Steve escorts his mom
A nice picture of all three
Abhis walks mom down the aisle
Paul awaits the excitement
Michele walks down the aisle
Monisha is next
Then Madhur
Suma follows
Followed by Propa
And then the matron of honor
Here come the flower girls!
Dad and Aarati start their walk
Aarati and Dad
Dad kisses Aarati
And gives Paul Aarati's hand
After remembering his Bible, Father Russo starts the ceremony
A quick glance at the audience
Another view from the back
Yet another view from above!
Duncan reads from The Book of Ruth
Noel reads from the Corinthians
Time to exchange the rings
Taking our vows
Aarati gets her ring
Paul gets his ring
Paul and Aarati present a rose to her parents
Mom kisses Aarati
Paul and Aarati present a rose to his parents
Paul kisses his mom
And shakes his Dad's hand
And finally, I present to you, Mr. and Mrs.!
Time to leave
Let's go!
Another kiss
A walk down the aisle as husband and wife
The Parmars leave
Followed by the Martinos
Another view
The wedding party makes their way out
Time for the receiving line
Dad kisses Aarati
Barbara gives Aarati a kiss
And Paul a kiss
Paul kisses Gram
Aarati embraces Gram
The bridal party outside the Church
An embrace
Thanks for holding my bouquet
The happy couple
Paul and Aarati make their escape