The Bridal Suite (Getting Ready)

Aarati's Dress
Anju helping Aarati get ready
Monisha watches Anju do the pleats
Applying lipstick
Applying lipstick, continued
Aarati helps Mom with her corsage
Aarati and Mom
Mom pretends to fix Aarati's veil
Pretty girls
Aarati and Mom
Aarati and Mom look at each other
Mom gets a kiss
Aarati adjusts Dad's boutonierre
Aarati and Dad
Aarati and Dad look at each other
A kiss from Dad
The Parmars and their first born
The Parmars and their first born
Aarati gets two kisses
The Groom's side enters the suite
Steve gets some help with his tie
Steve gets more help with his tie
Paul does not escape
Dad fixes Paul's boutonniere
Father and son shake hands
And hug
Mom checks the boutonniere
Handsome son and Queen Bee
Paul gives Mom a kiss
More with the tie
The Martinos with their youngest
Mom and Dad look at their handsome son
Paul gets kisses from his parents
Paul waiting to see Aarati for first time
Anju helps Aarati out
The first glimpse of the bride
Aarati and Paul hold hands
A small kiss