Las Vegas trip, August 2002

Shots of the suite at Aladdin
Nice legs!
Noel, Suzanne, and the Belaggio
Aarati says "duh!"
Paul and Aarati's turn
Noel and Ahpah chilling in the limo
Aarati and Suzanne ready for Rum Jungle
Noel and Suzanne wait for the car
Aarati in her white dress at the Luxor
Wow, nice dress
There is some skin showing there!
Aarati looks real good in white
Paul and Aarati at the Luxor
Suz, Noel, Ed, Harriet, Aarati and Paul
An interesting bell stand
Noel and Suzanne waiting again
Noel and Suzanne at the Vegas In & Out
Suz, Noel, Ed, and Harriet ready for food

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