Saint George's 10 Year Celebration

Ed gets the gift of Stacking (from his own company)
Waiting for the limo
In the limo
Another shot of us all in the limo
Ed and Ahpah with the ceremonial hand shake
A collection of former prizes won at the game night
The ceremonial mini donuts!
Ahpah and Bob
Two of the founders!
Look - its Shapton: What's yo sauce?
The Bod Man prize
Ed is amazed at the prize that is Bod Man
Paul unveils the salt and pepper shakers
Noel with the cat
It really does vibrate
Its a frog, its a slug, its really ugly
Suzanne is amazed by the frog/slug thing
The whole gang ready for the games
Grand prize for Saint George trivia = Hamburger
A hippo prize
Another shot of the hippo
Speaker Pillor (why?) prize
The 10 year plaque presented by the co-presidents
Ahpah and Doug win round #1
Ahpah and Cath win round #2