Eagles at 49ers September 24, 2006

Aarati baked us a Go Eagles Cake!
Another view of the cake
One more shot of the cake
Everyone is excited to watch Mort on the computer
Eating away at the party the night before the game
The two doctors talking about something
The Mairs
Mair and Steve in the kitchen
The McClures
The Big Mort
A dangerous group if I ever saw one!
Mort and Morgan are talking strategy for tomorrow
Paul and Morgan talking about something important
Rich and the Home Boy (Ed)
Rich and the Mort in a heated discussion
The limo arrives at Paul's house
The crew starts getting into the limo
More piling in
The rest of the crew gets in too
Steve gives us the thumbs up to
Paul and Home Boy shake hands
And again for some reason
Riding to the game
The long view of the gang
Tailgate view from the limo
A view of the field before all the action
The title on the suite, nice spelling
We are #83!
The teams warm up
Another shot of warmups
Look who is in the booth next door
Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie
Ed loads up the hot dog
We had a great spread of food
Every one picks out their favorites
Even at the end plenty was there
Mair at the fridge
The table was set with good food too
Paul and Ed eating away
Paul and Ed must be hungry
A third shot of them
Now Steve and Paul are eating Ziti
Morgan ready for the game
Morgan and Mair ready for the game
Mort is ready for some football
Mort and Aarati pose in the booth
All the Morts in the suite
View of the gang from the back of the box
Another of the crew
The two Eds
Claw and Paul talk football!
The Eagles amazing goal line stand
Home Boy eating
Home Boy posing
Amy Hoopes from North Penn was in the suite next door!
The InterTrust gang: Paul, Bill, Eric
One more of the ITRU gang
Bill with the cheerleaders
Steve with the cheerleaders
The Jesse Sapolu show begins!
All sorts of Jesse shots
He signed autographs for everyone
Julie Norquist, blonde next to Jesse, sold us the suite
An incredibly nice guy
Steve said Get the Wide Angle Leans, I am in the shot
Jesse thought that joke was pretty funny
Everyone who wanted a autograph got one
One more with Jesse
Last Jesse shot
Salsa band gets ready for halftime
The McClures
Another shot late in the game
The Morts watching the action
Setup for an Eagles TD
Here is the TD about to happen
Rainey eats the cupcake
Action shot of the game, toward the end
More late game action
Even more late game action
Happy Eagles fans at the end of the game
It was all over at this point
The limo ride home!