Christmas 2005 in Philly and New Year's in Mexico

Family room tree
Another of the big tree
The kid's tree in the study
Another of the small tree
Christmas animals
Another shot of the animals
Christmas kangaroo from Sydney
Steps for the animals
Hungry Hungrey Hippos!
We all love this game
Even the girls
After the fun of the game
Steve's new toy
Another shot of the dinosaur
Amanda waiting for dinner
Another shot of Amanda
Meghan at dinner
Lots of good food!
Interesting way to eat ice cream
Don't use a bowl or a real plate!
View from the villa
Down the bumpy road
Back toward the cliff
Another one up the road
Over the pool
The Pacific Ocean
Another shot of the ocean
The villa
Inside porch of the villa
Our pool
A nice sunset
Houses on the beach
Cooking breakfast
Aarati knows how to use the toaster
Eating on the porch
More good food
Need to do the laundry!
Yes we do!
Abhis and Kumud at the pool
More at the pool
Aarati at the pool
More of Aarati
One more of Aarati
Hemeth and Anju ready for New Year's Dinner
Dinesh and Kumud
Paul and Aarati
Dinner at Romeo and Julette's
Abhis and his girlfriend
More at dinner