Australia/New Zealand Trip 2005

Just arrived, and we found the right spot
Aarati's Auckland Kitchen
Ahpah's Auckland Laundry
Our room in Auckland
View from our hotel room
More of Auckland
Even more
Guess what, even more
Final shot from our room
The ducks on Waiheke Island
Off-off-off shore
They have good fries here
The Sky City Tower
Aarati and Paul at dinner at Sky City
Stay Left! Its pretty hard...
Ahpah found his road!
Room at the Crowne Casino
Another shot of the room
Aarati at the mini bar
Aarati with her pet unicorn
View from our floor of Melbourne
The Melbourne sky line
Aarati in front of a war memorial
Ahpah at another memorial
Dinner at the Crowne
Downtown McDonald's
Can you believe they have St. Georges?
Kangaroos on the way to Philip Island
Ahpah with the ducks
Ahpah with the kangaroos
More ducks
More kangaroos
White peacock
Sheep (they live in their food)
Turkey, delicious it was Thanksgiving
A wombat!
Can't forget to pick the football pool
Sleepy bears
Sleepier bears
Sleepiest bears
Still more sleepy bears
And another koala
Scary waves from Antarctica
Really vicious waves
Another shot
More scary waves
Look out point for the penguins
Ice Cream room service!
View from our hotel of Brisbane
Aarati at Anzac Sqaure
Chill Vodka Bar
Conrad Treasury Casino
Yet another vestige of civilization
Turtle is 174 years old!
Ahpah with Harriet the turtle
Aarati with the baby cows, yummy!
Aarati with a kangaroo
Docile kangaroos
More kangaroos
Even more kangaroos
Koala bear
Two sleepy bears
Ahpah with the future bacon
Casselwaries, or something like that
Big croc
Another shot
Man these guys are big
A Tasmanian devil taking a leak
Another devil
Dingo butts
Scary and mean Emu
Friendly Kookaburras
Another Kookaburrya
Helicopter ride to Heron Island
More in the copter
The coal plants at Gladstone
Views of the reef from the copter
More views from above
Another shot
View from the back
More of the reef
Another reef shot
View of the island
Another island shot
View of the island from the sunset cruise
Aarati on the sunset cruise
More on the sunset cruise
Views of the sunset
Another of the sunset
Aarati and Paul at sunset
There are 100,000 birds on the island!
More birds
Yes, there are still more birds
Bird again
Our beach house
Beach House is room #1
Another shot of beach house #1
View from our room
Laundry on the island!
View from bar
Another shot from the Heron Bar
Aarati and Ahpah on the Syndey Harbor
Ahpah on the harbor cruise
Opera house from the cruise (yes that's hair)
More of the harbor
The harbor is really big
Multi million dollar houses
Gateway to the ocean
Other side of the harbor
Prime Minister's house
The bridge from behind
More on the harbor cruise
Last on from the boat!
An ad for a new airline
View of the bridge after the cruise
Getting ice cream
And a rare view of an Australian garbage can
View from our hotel of Sydney
More of the view
The view from each...
And every angle
From the deck
And the side of the deck
View of the opera house
View of the bridge
Aarati's dinner cake from room service
Opera House
Aarati ready for dinner
Aarati and Ahpah in the lobby