Aarati's Birtday in Vegas 2006

Going to the big dinner with Dinesh and Kumud
Everyone get's Emeril's Coffee
Aarati and Courtney
The birthday Princess
Another of Aarati
Rich waiting for dinner
Rich and Dinesh
Ahpah and Claw hanging out
A heated discussion with Ahpah and Jess
Dinesh and Claw
The girls in the lobby bar
Jess and Mom
Mom has her camera too!
Mort gets his coffee too
Rich explains to Dinesh and Mort
Why isn't Dinesh drinking?
Ethan and Andrea ready to order
Checking out the menu
The parent's table
Peanut butter pie dessert! That's what I am talking about
The limo ride to...
... the Gun Store of, naturally
One more of the limo
Are those Charlie's Angels?
Must be them, where are the rest...
Everyone at the Gun Store
Anoter shot
Its the birthday girl, with... a gun!
Isn't that always what you wanted to do you for your birthday?
Aarati like her gun
Hand guns are enough, its time for the automatic
Another shot of the auto
Dinesh shoots
Mort fires!
Mort loads
Ahpah gets his pancakes!
Its the buffet after gun shooting
Another of the crew at the Aladdin buffet
Walking to Danny Gans
CPK at the Mirage before the big show
Sleeping before Danny Gans
They are really out!
Waiting for the show
The whole crew
Of course we are behind the biggest man in history
The Morts excited to see Danny Gans
Can you really believe that we are at Danny Gans?
The Christmas Display at the Bellagio
Another of the big display
The bears at the Bellagio
The same bear
Another bear
The big Christmas Tree
Another shot of the tree
Ethan and Andrea under the tree