Aggregate Knowledge Christmas 2006

Claw and Paul signing the Overstock deal
Writing the signature to the page!
Another action shot
The signed copy
You can actually read it here
Santa is ready to party
All the booze for the Christmas party
Jess is getting the punch before everyone else
Look at all the food
Another shot of the food
Lots of lights
Caesar explains it all
Carol, Bari, and Anya
Claw with Aarati, Val, and Diana
Courtney Law and her Mom
Darius and Jess
The Silvermans
Dave and Jen Zanich
The whole gang having a good time at the party
More of the big group
We know how to throw a party!
There is the insidious gnome
Here he is again
Matt presents the Gnome to Paul
Aarati cuts it up, yeah!
Hillary and Duncan
Another of those two
Igor and Kris
Claw's Inlaws
Jen and Rich
Jess and Claw
Jim in a deep conversation
Another shot of Jim
Kids running wild
More of the crazy crew
Is this covered under our liability insurance?
The kids room
The Wehners
The Buechelers
The Martinos
Paul and Hillary
Paul and John
Raj and his family
Rich, Jess, and Jen
The Sanders
Time for the requisite speech
More talking
Even more talking
Now its Kurt's turn
More of Kurt
Kurt signing the Washington Post Deal!
Everyone listens intently
More good listening
I hope its not too boring
Tim and Trae
A gift
That keeps on giving
Its a Vanilla Ice coloring book!
Vivek and his crew