Atlantic City, Christmas 2000

Morgan, Shelby, Mair and Aarati
More of the same
Can't believe its them again!
Why did we have 4 toilets?
Shelby is nimble in the bathroom
Ally arrives at the party
Room service has arrived
Nice ass
Todd, Ally, and Ally's husband know something
No sleeping allowed at this party
Yes, more almost naked Mair
Why is Dave always almost naked?
Bending over to get the hot tub
More excitement at the hot tub
Now the whole gang's at it
Ahpah does his best naked Mair inpersonation
Do they have clothes on?
Pah and Aarati in the hot tub
Mair, Ahpah, Aarati, and Suz, where's Noel?
Again, where is Noel?
Don't drink in the hot tub
Ahpah grabs the leggie
I want to be Noel in between Aarati and Suz
Ahpah's turn to be the man
Mair is definitely naked
Shelby, Mo, Mair, Todd, and Ahpah
Ahpah has sexy legs
Suzanne wants Mair to hop back in the tub
Todd and Suzanne ready to play craps
What is so interesting on that?
Mair in bed, let's jump in!
The requisite Mair "Point" photo
Noel is too dressed for bed
Ahpah studies something intently
Mair after his big hit on the tables
Pah counts some money
Noel and Ahpah are crafting a plan

Created: Sun Oct 20 23:05:36 2002